Education minister to open Onsala’s LOFAR station (Chalmers press release)

The Swedish LOFAR station will be opened in September by education minister and deputy prime minister Jan Bj√∂rklund. The inauguration ceremony, which will take place at Onsala Space Observatory on 26 September 2011, will mark the opening of the country’s largest new radio telescope since the observatory’s 20-meter telescope in 1976.

The photo shows the two halves of the Onsala LOFAR station. Above, the 96 high-band antennas in their protective ’tiles’. Below, the 96 low-band antennas with their characteristic tepee shape. (Credit: Onsala Space Observatory/Leif Helldner. Click for high-res version.)

Construction has been completed according to schedule and all of the station’s antennas are now in place. Chalmers scientists expect that the education minister will be able to take part in the station’s first observations.

The Swedish station in the European radio telescope LOFAR (Low Frequency Array) consists of 192 antennas. Together with around 5000 antennas at sister stations spread over the whole of northern Europe, they open a new window on the early universe – and promise other, unexpected, discoveries.

Original Chalmers press release in Swedish

Contact: Robert Cumming, Onsala Space Observatory, press contact for LOFAR in Sweden. Email, tel. +46 31 772 5500, mobile +46 70 49 33 114.

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Astronomer and information officer at Onsala Space Observatory. Press contact for LOFAR in Sweden.
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