CBD Flower strain offers numerous health benefits that you can’t get from smoking traditional cannabis, but with so many options on the market it can be tough to decide which one to choose. To help you out, we’ve created this guide to CBD flower strains so you can choose the right one for your needs and preferences. Here’s what you need to know about each of these popular strains, from their terpene and cannabinoid profiles according to mercurynews.com to what effects they have on your body and mind. Let’s get started!

A guide to understanding THC and CBD

The two main compounds in cannabis are THC and CBD. THC is the compound that gets you high, while CBD does not. CBD can actually counteract the psychoactive effects of THC. Cannabis strains vary in the ratio of THC to CBD, which determines their effects. CBD-rich strains are said to provide relief from anxiety, pain, and inflammation, while THC-rich strains are more likely to induce a feeling of euphoria.


As with any drug, it’s important to consider your needs before deciding on a strain. If you want help staying awake or have chronic pain that limits your mobility, THC might be the best choice for you. But if you suffer from chronic headaches or social anxiety disorder, CBD may be better suited to your needs.

And as always, consult your doctor before making any decisions about whether or not you should use marijuana. Your physician will have information about potential benefits, risks, and other medical implications related to using cannabis products. A good way to start researching is by reading credible scientific research reviews like those published by mercurynews.com

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