A Few Incredible Facts About Australian Shepherds


The Australian Shepherd is an easy going yet active dog. It loves to dance with children. If you have other pets, it will get along with them too. Get the best Holistapet Aussie Breed info here. 

Australian Shepherd Dog Breed Information 

They are family pets, police dogs, herding animals and competitors in observation trials.

Weight Range

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  • 50-65 pounds for males and
  • 40-55 pounds for females


  • 22 inches for males and
  • 20 inches for females


  • Naturally floppy ears


  • Workout Requirements- 40 minutes everyday
  • Energy Level- extremely energetic
  • Longevity- 12-14 years
  • Tendency of drooling
  • Moderate tendency for digging
  • High social needs
  • Fostered For- Livestock herding
  • Coat Length- Medium
  • Characteristics- straight, double coat
  • Colors- Red, Black, Blue and red merle, tan and white.
  • Overall Grooming requirements- Moderate

These dogs are of medium size. They have a strong build. Males are heavier when compared to females. They have a lifespan of around 12 years.

They have a medium length, lush coat which is slightly wavy or straight. They have considerable mane and feathers on their legs. The colour of the coat may be red or blue with no markings or some markings of white and tan. They have a short tail naturally. If the tail is of a size of four inches or longer, it may be docked.


They are very intelligent and you can train them easily. They are very pleasing and generous towards the owners. They are protective of the territory and the family they belong to. They aren’t aggressive but they are alert especially with strangers.

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