Snow, snakes and 19 kilometres of cable

Station construction works better in good weather. Tuesday’s cold and wet conditions made the cables much harder to handle, reports Leif Helldner, and made it tough to keep up last week’s impressive pace. By Friday the team had rolled out over 19 kilometres of cable and on Monday 36 LBA cable pairs were set out. Fortunately today SMHI predicts nothing but sunshine for Onsala, so our new header picture (taken on April 29, see above!) gives you a better idea of how things look. Credit for photos: Onsala Space Observatory/Leif Helldner.

Tuesday’s snowstorm over the LBA field.

A picture from Friday. Beyond the LBA field you can see the 20-meter Onsala telescope radome.

A local adder slithered by to see what all the fuss was about.

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Astronomer and information officer at Onsala Space Observatory. Press contact for LOFAR in Sweden.
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