First call for proposals for Onsala’s LOFAR station

Credit: Onsala Space Observatory/VästkustflygGot an idea? The Onsala station is ready to try it out. Credit: Onsala Space Observatory/Västkustflyg

For the first time, Onsala’s part of LOFAR is available for observing proposals from the Swedish research community. About 10% of the time of the Onsala LOFAR station is for standalone time when the station is used on its own and not as part of the International LOFAR telescope. Observing proposals for this mode are now open as part of the general Onsala National Facility general call for proposals, with deadline 15 October 2013. Read the Call for proposals here.

Not sure how to proceed? At Onsala we want to give as much help as we can in turning raw science ideas into proposals, and then processing these data. See the contact information in the Call for proposals.

What might you want to do? Here are just some possible science uses for single station mode.

Transient searches – potentially both all-sky and targeted transient searches toward individual objects can be carried out. Examples of the former include followup on the recent discovery of fast radio bursts (Thornton et al 2013; see Trott et al 2013 on the prospects for low frequency detection prospects.)

Credit: Onsala Space Observatory/LOFARThe single-station sky over Onsala at 52 MHz on 18 september 2013. Credit: Onsala Space Observatory/LOFAR

All-sky low (few degree) resolution imaging (large area surveys, short spacing information).

Radio recombination lines

Pulsar timing (timing, DM monitoring, RM monitoring, and so on), pulsar emission properties,

Solar spectrum monitoring

Interplanetary scintillation

Ionospheric science

Space Weather

Bistatic (passive) radar for detection of meteors

Read the full Call for proposals here

Single-station mode at Onsala is also making its public debut on 28 September 2013 during Sweden’s Day and Night of Astronomy. Participants at the star party Onsala stjärnträff (Wirström & Cumming 2013) will be, we think, the first members of the public to try observing with LOFAR.

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Astronomer and information officer at Onsala Space Observatory. Press contact for LOFAR in Sweden.
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