LOFAR antenna visits the Science Festival in Göteborg

The Göteborg Science Festival (www.vetenskapsfestivalen.se) is in full swing. Onsala Space Observatory is running a number of events at the festival. As part of the fun, we have a specially-built model LBA antenna which now has pride of place at the main festival centre in central Göteborg. The picture was taken just after the antenna was set up – by Lasse Wennerbäck (the man behind its construction) and Lars Eriksson and me. Installing took about 5 minutes, and the first conversation with an interested festival visitor came immediately afterwards. The antenna itself isn’t so beautiful, but it feels big. The thought of its 5000 friends in the whole of LOFAR makes the scale of the network easy to grasp – and easy to be wowed by.

About Robert Cumming

Astronomer and information officer at Onsala Space Observatory. Press contact for LOFAR in Sweden.
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