Here’s where the cables go

– It’s great to have got started at last!
It’s not just a flat sandy field any more: Onsala’s LOFAR station is finally taking shape. The quote is from project manager Leif Helldner. I talked to him on Wednesday afternoon when I biked out to the site to see how things were going. There are 13 people working now, marking where the antennas will go, assigning cables to antenna numbers – and making a start on digging.
– Things have gone much faster than expected, says Leif.

Work experience student Styrbjörn Käll and the observatory’s Lasse Wennerbäck mark the place where LBA antenna 95 will go.

Leif Helldner – in official LOFAR cap – in front of the station as it looked today.

About Robert Cumming

Astronomer and information officer at Onsala Space Observatory. Press contact for LOFAR in Sweden.
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